Meet the Business All-Star squad, from listening to Boney M and Abba in the changing room to the coaches pet, we catch up with the team taking part in the big match.

Who is the best footballer?

There are a few of them who think they are the best footballer and I must admit the last team I saw a team as talented as this one was when I saw Bolton play last year in the Championship.

For me though Ben Waters claims it, he has an unusual gift that none of the others have and that is being able to use both feet and pass the ball in a straight line.

Who spends the longest time in front of the mirror??

Easy one this. Dan Herring! Brought his own mirror to each training session and has the hair style of a professional footballer but the likeness ends the further south you go.

Who is the joker of the team?

Ive had to scroll through the group WhatsApp for this and similar to the football some try too hard, but Matt Harriman just claims it. Like a budget Frankie Boyle he takes no prisoners!

Who has the best goal celebration?

Well there has not been that many to celebrate but Jon Warburton apparently does this great thing with his finger when he scores

Who is the unsung hero?

There are couple of Mr Reliable in the team from Kev Severn playing up front to Karl Bowdrey at the back.  Kev has played at a high level for a long time but retired from playing to be Curtis Stigers tribute act on the Leyton Orient Express. Back now in Doncaster he is keen to make up for lost time.

Karl is the new kid on the block, relocated from Wycombe on a football protection program you can always rely on him to be in the right position at the bar but the wrong position on the pitch.

Who is the dressing room DJ?

The boys argue over which Spice Girls song to play  but Steve Teasdale is in charge of the music.

He like to take it back to the 1980’s when he was working as rep in Blackpool with a bit of Boney M and Abba and then just before they enter the pitch a bit of Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Who is the quickest player on the team?

Undoubtedly has to be Pete Swatkins, not a natural player and rugby is his first love but man this boy is quick. Faster than Dan Herring at an all you can eat buffet he can from the halfway line to the penalty box quicker than the rest can fasten their laces.

Who is the coaches pet?

Dan Herring again! Knew what he had to do to be Captain and embraced that with both hands.

Who could be the game changer?

Difficult one this as there are a few on the day but for me Tony O’Donnell can claim this. It takes Tony 80 minutes to get his knee support on, but you know for those 10 minutes you can always rely on him, and he can bag a goal out of nowhere.

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